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Wood Monogram

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Monogram Etiquette

Wood Wall Monograms are a great way to give your home that personalized touch.  They can be hung over a firepalace, added to a wreath, hung on a stocking, in a child's or baby's room for decoration.  They make great wedding, birthday or holiday gifts. Teens especially love them! And we all know how hard they are to buy for!

1/2" Indoor Wood.  After a light sanding these monograms can be painted or left natural.

1/2" Outdoor MOD Material. This material has a smooth paper facing that is easy to paint (may require a light sanding). MOD is the same material that highway signs are sometimes made of.

*****Borders are available for monograms 12 inches in size and larger ONLY.*****

NEW PRODUCT! Bordered wood monogram with ribbon holes. Add your own ribbon to match your decor or as a addition to your holiday decorations! Choose border with ribbon holes in the drop down menu below.

Border sizes are as follows:

12-16 inch - 1 inch wide

18-36 inch - 2 inch wide



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